7 Tips on creating a Promotional Video

Bringing a promotional video into fruition will always have its challenges, but with a well thought out brief and planning you can maximise your budget and minimise risk. Here you get the honest opinion from someone with experience in the industry on both sides of the camera.



Why are you looking to create a promotional video? Do you want to gain more customers, a new consumer base? Or maybe you are looking to explain who you are. In essence ‘promotional’ means to promote. What are you promoting and what is the purpose. Without a true understanding your video may be pointless – don’t make a video for the sake of a video.

Storyboard, Script

Planning a storyboard can help give the videographers an idea of what you want, most videographers will ask for this although without your contribution they may make their own decisions. This is important, as it will achieve a product that you have visualised. There are templates online or ask your film crew during the pre production phase of the project.

Script, knowing what to say and when is something that we can all agree is effective in both video production and life. My number one tip is that you try to learn as much of the script off by heart, video prompters are effective but if you really want to address your audience its much better to speak and deliver without having to read from a script. Another advantage of delivering without a script in front of you is that you pause and stop naturally, where as with a script we tend to not do this.



Prepping Presenters and Colleagues

You think it would be obvious but it’s usually the one thing we overlook – are our colleagues up for it?. Not everyone is great on camera, that’s a fact, for some it’s not their forte. So forcing Jenny from the office to talk in your promotional video might damage your brand and identity rather than support it… If there isn’t anyone you think is capable we suggest an experienced voice over actor or actress. Remember tone and expression are extremely powerful and impacting areas of a video that you don’t want to miss out on.


Environment / filming space

If you have worked in a business environment before you will more than surely know that offices aren’t often pretty. Sometimes a change of location is a good idea and can present a more aesthetically pleasing set for your promotional video. Don’t feel like you are lying to your customers, all you are doing is presenting a more pleasing look to your video. We can recommend and source locations for you as an add-on to our service if required.

Making the most of your promotional video

After you have your new amazing promo video, what are you going to do with it? How can you maximize its impact? SHARE IT! Put it on your website, social medias and other platforms (Unless it’s part of a brand launch, then you may have to delay the distribution while other areas are getting sorted). It wont be any use if your consumers cant see it.

Who is your target audience?

 Some may say this is part of purpose but I’m going to go on about it anyway. Considering target audience is very, very, very important to the creation of any video or product. Does the plan of your video suit your audience; after all if it isn’t then who is it for? Tone, form, and theme all sorts go into target audience. I recommended a case study, see what your audience like and use the most effective elements in your video.

Would a case study be beneficial?

Case studies can be a make or break for a video production. You may have an idea of what your audience wants and through a simple analysis you could be totally proven wrong. As with anything we are continually developing, that includes your audience! Think of it like you are a chef at a restaurant, trying to guess what your customers want. You know what they had before but what do they want now? – you won’t know unless you give them away of showing you. Menu = case study.

About the author


Hello I’m Matthew Reeve-Arnold, I’m the Video Production Coordinator at HNE Media Services Limited. I have experience in client and project managment as well as as video production, producing and directing.

If you are looking for a video production company that can deliver high quality visuals, with a strong brand message that enhances your business through relaxed natural staff and client/customer interviews and promotional content then please get in touch with our team, we would be pleased to help.


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