My Work Experience Week at HNE Media

At the start of 2016, I decided to go through the dreaded UCAS process. Looking for a university course that would interest me and that I was truly passionate about was definately the most difficult part.

I knew that I wanted to learn more about computers, and after studying Computer Science I thought this was the route for me. Although I enjoyed the subject, my AS result wasn’t exactly what I hoped for. This unfortunately made me re-consider persuing a course in this area.

One evening, while using Adobe Photoshop I had a thought…

“I wish there was a university course that used the Adobe Suite” – Sofia Gattuso 2016

And so my research into Digital Media began. Always being more creative minded, I knew this was a course with content that I wanted to learn more about and therefore I wanted to gain more experience in this area.

This lead me to attend a careers festival at my college (Sir Charles Kao UTC, Harlow), where I met James Garrett from HNE Media. I understood that he ran a video production company in Hertfordshire and was excited at the prospect of learning more about filming and editing. That day he offered me a one week work experience placement – I was ecstatic.

During this week, I have had experience in many different area’s. Firstly, I was tasked to edit out the dead time in a performance, using Adobe Premier Pro, that had been filmed by members of the company and used transitions so that each scene and the corresponding audio flowed. Following this, I was tasked to edit the filming on another performance which used two cameras – a static camera and a close view camera.

The company were thinking of re-branding and separating the wedding filming that they undertake with the rest of the company. Therefore I conducted research on different competitors in regards to their name and logo for inspiration and researched the prices of broadcast production for ‘big screens’. Furthermore, I was set to create social media elements on Canva, as promotional material for the company which may be later posted on their social media.

Once a performance had been edited and exported, they needed to be packaged and sent to customers in the form of a DVD. Therefore, I learnt to print CD label designs onto disks and make copies of disks from a master copy using a copier.

Richard, the graphic design guy, allowed me to gain some experience in his type of work. He tasked me to draw a number of emoji’s on Adobe Illustrator, which will then be turned into animations for a client.

My time at HNE Media has given me the opportunity to learn more about film and design and has given me an insight into the media industry. This placement has given me practical experience into the work I would be doing if I pursued this type of career. Moreover, it has also given me a head start into aspects of my chosen university course and am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with this company.