Conference Videography – 3 top tips to consider when having your conference filmed

When planning a conference there are many things to consider. Most important of all will no doubt be your choice of venue for the event. If you are considering hiring a conference videographer or conference video production company, there are a few things to consider during your venue selection process which could help. This blog gives you 3 top things to consider from the perspective of having your conference filmed.

Tip 1 – Aesthetics – choose your venue with care

If you are planning on commissioning a conference promo video or conference photography the choice of venue is really important. Not only does it leave an impression with your delegates but it will also be the backdrop to your promo video and photography. If you are hoping for a light and bright promo video it is essential that you choose a venue which has this aesthetic. It would be hard to create a light and bright promo video for your conference in a room with few windows and dark wood panelling for example. A venue with plenty of natural light in the break-out areas is ideal for getting shots of people interacting.

We appreciate that the auditorium where the main talks or activity takes place will normally be darker, but to get some great light and bright shots during your break-out, lunch and networking sessions we would recommend choosing a venue which allows for this. Secondly, the look of the venue will very much set the tone. If you are a business which is steeped in history you may wish to book an older property. Whereas, if you are a technology company or a business which wishes to be perceived as cutting edge you may wish to choose an ultra modern building.

Tip 2 – Lighting and Sound

The one sentence which sends shivers through any of our conference videographers are the words “don’t worry, Barry from Marketing is doing the sound today, we didn’t hire an engineer in the end!”. We cannot stress enough how important your sound (and lighting) are to not only creating a professional conference experience for your delegates, but are crucial to us creating a great conference promo video for you. It can be tempting to save a little bit of money by not hiring a professional sound engineer, we would advise to always hire one, particularly if you have multiple speakers and lots of activity. Click here for more on AV services

Many venues will include a PA system at the very least, and many will also include a sound engineer for the day to operate the sound equipment for you. If you would like any contacts for professional, friendly and personable sound engineers we are always happy to make recommendations or we can hire someone on your behalf to work alongside our team. Lighting is also important for allowing us to create a fantastic promo video for you. Areas which have a stage or podium always benefit from some form of spot lighting or fill lighting. There can be a conflict between the lighting and projectors, we would recommend discussing the setup with your venue who are likely to have some advice to help.

Tip 3 – Allow time for capturing interviews and testimonials

Interviews and testimonials make for great conference promo videos. Setting aside time to speak to the speakers, sponsors, delegates and organisers give us great content for the promo video but also allows for separate edits to be created to attract future speakers, sponsors and delegates, targeted to each audience. We would recommend allocating a member of the conference organising team to help us identify the most suitable people for interviewing. Having a member of the team to ask the interviewee to take part can often be more effective than leaving us to it. Let’s face it, if you have a choice, most people would prefer not to talk to the camera!. However, having a member of the organising team ask the question, or, even better asking the questions themselves, can really gain buy-in from those who you wish to have interviewed.

It is your event and you know it better than anyone, so often questions posed by the organising team have real insight and can get the best results for the video. In terms of timings we would allow up to 5 minutes per interview and always like to film these in the main area where the activity is taking place, albeit, slightly to the side. This allows us to have delegates in the background and makes the event seem busy and bustling which is always a positive thing when promoting the event using video for the following year.

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