Dance Show Videography

Dance Show Videography – UK Wide Coverage

In addition to filming Dance Shows we also operate the UK wide video contract for UK competitions, TeenStar and Britain Does Variety, both of which include dance acts. If you are interested in entering either competition please speak to us to be referred to the organisers or search online for further details.

Dance Show Videography

When looking for a dance show videographer to film your dance show you should ideally start your research early. Many of our dance show video production clients book us 6 months to a year ahead. The most organised clients book us as soon as the date for the following years’ show has been confirmed with the venue.  As a video production team rather than a one-man-band we are able to cover several events on the same day in different locations, but even so it is advisable to enquire and book as early as possible to ensure availability.

Dance Show Videography prices

What does it cost to have your dance show filmed?. Depending on the location of the theatre or venue we have a number of options available.

The two options are to pay a fixed fee to cover filming and editing, plus travel expenses and then DVD copies can be purchased. This is the best option if you wish to sell the DVDs through the school yourself and generate funds. Alternatively we can handle all the orders for you with no cost to you (subject to entering into a minimum order contract where you agree to make up any shortfall in sales).

Fixed Fee + DVD copies Dance Show Videography prices

DVDs would be delivered to the organisers premises by courier for distribution to parents.
All fixed fee prices are inclusive of VAT but travel costs would be an additional at £0.25ppm plus any budget overnight accommodation required. The organiser will receive a complimentary DVD or a HD MP4 file of the performance for their records.

Fixed Fee Costs

2 Camera (1 operated, 1 static) per show £500.00 + travel + DVD copies at £7.50 per copy

3 Camera (2 operated, 1 static) per show £600.00 + travel + DVD copies at £7.50 per copy

If the school were to sell DVDs at £20 per copy you would break-even at 40 copies and then be generating profit based on a 2 camera film and edit.

We handle the orders

Or we can operate on a DVD copies sold basis, with no costs to you the organiser. Using this method we enter into a minimum order contract whereby the organiser agrees to make up any shortfall in sales. Our minimum order for a show is usually 35 copies. DVDs are typically £17.95 – £19.95 depending on the length and complexity of the show and the number of cameras. We would handle the orders taking away any extra admin for the organiser. We would then deliver a box of DVDs with a list of who has ordered and how many copies to the organiser for handing out. Please note that with this option there is no possibility of generating any revenue from the sale of the DVDs.

Whichever option you choose you can be assured that our highly experienced dance show videographers will provide a fantastic memory of your show for everyone to enjoy.

Dance Show Videographer availability

If you need any advice about having your dance show professionally filmed please feel free to contact us. You can check our availability by filling in the contact form below. Or please email or call us with details of your show and your date so we can check availability.