Freelance video editor day rate

How much does a freelance video editor charge per day?

Here at HNE Media Services Limited we have an in-house team of highly skilled and experienced video editors. We edit using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects software. In terms of costs for our freelance video editor day rate, we charge £45.00 per hour + VAT, or £360.00 per day + VAT. When looking for a freelance video editor or freelance editing services you will find that prices vary. The benefit to contacting us is that we have a dedicated in house team with plenty of capacity, this means we can turn around high quality edits even with short notice.

Does a freelance video editor day rate vary depending on their experience?

Much like other professional services such as architecture, many video production companies will have a sliding scale of fees for video editing day rates based on the experience of the team members involved. Our standard day rate for video editing services is £360.00 + VAT, however some of our clients like to book our most experienced video editor which is myself, James the Director. My rate for video editing and filming is higher than that of the rest of my team as I have over 13 years experience and my time is much more limited as I work across the business in various areas including filming and delivering our video training courses. Please contact us to enquire about our Director day rates for both video editing and filming services.

What information will a freelance video editor need from me?

To get the most out of your freelance video editor it is advisable to provide your video editor with as much information as possible. When briefing your freelance video editor it is advisable to create a storyboard or narrative that they can work to. This could be visual, or it could be a bullet list of shots or screens you want to appear in the edited video. If you have a script it is useful to mark up what shots or images will appear as the script is read. If you would like us to work from footage which is lengthy, the timecode for the points you would like included are very useful. The more information you can provide your freelance video editor, or video editor, the quicker and more cost effective the editing will be for you.

Can the freelance video editor come to my premises?

Yes, this is entirely possible. Many of our design agency clients that use us for video editing often like us to bring our iMac to their offices and work alongside them as part of their project team. We are happy to do this for agency projects. We would charge travel costs and depending on location we may need budget overnight accommodation. We are a friendly and personable team and integrate well with agencies that we work with.

When working direct for corporate clients, we prefer to work in our own environment. We edit the video to the brief agreed, and then deliver a proof version over file transfer for client review. If you are a marketing, communications or design agency, and would like to speak to us about video editing services in-house over a day, or a series of days or weeks please do contact us to discuss.

How do i book my video editor?

If you would like to use our services for video editing please contact us and we can discuss your project, offer advice and give you an idea on costs. Please click here to contact us

About the author

My name is James and I am the Director of HNE Media Services Limited, a Video Production and Training company based in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire in the East of England. I have been involved in video production for over 13 years and have been working with businesses to help promote their products and services for much of that time. If you need any advice about video editing please contact us. As a video editor I have over 13 years experience. Although my role in the business is now focused on Videography, Training Courses and business development I do occasionally work as a video editor for clients. My day rate for editing is slightly higher as I am Director and my time is more limited. If you are interested in having myself edit your project we can advise on the costs of this. Alternatively my video editing team are highly skilled and offer excellent value for money with fantastic results.


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