How much does a charity promotional video cost?

We are often asked this question, how much does a charity promotional video cost?… It can be the same question as how long is a piece of string!. There are many variables to take into account when calculating the cost to produce a promotional video for your charity or organisation.

Charity Discount – charity promotional video

For charities we offer a ‘Charity Rate’ which is roughly a 1/3 discount on our usual corporate videography rates. Please contact us for details of our charity promotional video rates.

Reviewing your options

There are essentially two options for having a charity promotional video produced. Option 1 is to produce a video yourself using your own (or borrowed) equipment. The second option is to engage the services of a professional video production company or individual.

The DIY Route

First of all you need to decide if you are going to go down the DIY (do it yourself) route. In this case you would have to consider hiring or purchasing some basic equipment to help you make your promotional video. You may also need to attend a training course to learn how to film and edit the video. The quality of smartphones allows most people to create pleasing video content using their mobile. A few extra pieces of equipment including microphones, lights, tripods etc can enhance the professionalism of your video. Most of these items are fairly inexpensive at the entry level and can be readily sought online.

Discounted Video Training Courses for charities

We offer discounted places on our Two Day Video Training Course for those who wish to learn how to create a charity promotional video or regular content videos of their own in-house. To check availability for our forthcoming two day video training courses please contact us. We also offer in-house training for charities and organisations, again at a discounted rate from our usual corporate rate.

Engage a Professional

The second option is that you engage the services of a professional video production company or freelance videographer to help produce your charity promotional video. This route can be more expensive but can also be quicker and less hands on than doing it yourself.

Factors that will influence how much a promotional video can cost could include:

  • The length of video – how long will it take to film and edit
  • The locations you wish to film in, is it one location or several?
  • Do you need custom animation or graphics?
  • Do you want to appear in the video yourself or use an actor or voiceover artist?
  • Do you want to use licensed music – there is often a cost to purchase this but free music is available
  • How many videos do you want to produce?. Is a standalone promo sufficient or would you like customer testimonials or separate videos for different areas or services that your business offers?
  • How much pre-production planning and/or scripting is involved?

Unfortunately there is no firm answer to how much does a promotional video cost?.. however, before you begin the process of either producing a video yourself or using a professional it is worth spending time brainstorming or planning your ideas. A professional will normally be happy to advise on the content and delivery of your promotional video so always ask as many questions as you need.

How much does a charity promotional video cost?

In terms of budgeting for a charity promotionl video. If you were to produce a video or a series of videos with us it would be recommended to budget from £1000 – £4500 depending on the requirements of the video or videos that we are producing. Factors such as pre production planning, storyboarding and arranging locations and permits for filming can add to the cost.

If you need any help or advice we are happy to help. If you are interested to find out how much does a charity promotional video cost then please get in touch for a bespoke quote using the details below. Or for information on our video training courses to help you learn to film and edit your own promotional video click here:


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