My Work Experience Week at HNE Media – By Harry Belton

How helpful was it? 

Work experience is very beneficial as an exercise; I would highly recommend it before diving into the world of actual employment as it gives you ‘experience’ in a workplace. Whether it be completing day-to-day tasks or taking on larger projects that you find a sense of accomplishment in as I have already done at HNE Media.I think that work experience as an idea would be a missed opportunity for anyone who is offered it as it can teach you valuable lessons, not only in work but in your further life as you meet new people who will teach you receive valuable lessons for your future.

What was I involved in?

On my first day of the week I was thrown in at the deep end, being asked to edit two projects; one of the twinning of Stansted Mountfitchet and Rungis (a small town in France) and the other being a dance show. Both were a challenge as I tackled unfamiliar editing software for the first time. Further on in the week I travelled to the St Elizabeth’s centre in Hadham to do some filming for them.

What are the best ways to find it?

Work experience is simpler to find than many may assume; personally, I was fortunate enough to be able to have my work experience sourced by my school, which made things far easier. However, it is simple to organize work experience through the means of family and friends or even parent’s colleagues.

 Is it useful for work and university?

Naturally, work experience should aid you in future work; not only this but it can also aid you with further applications as it fits in very well to a CV as it shows your workplace experience. University can be a very daunting experience much like work experience can be. However, work experience can only be a positive thing in terms of what you gain going into university. For example, working with new people and being in a new environment throughout. Being something that I am keen to be involved with, this experience will be useful for me in the future as it has given me significant experience which I hope will help me as i continue to work towards a career in the industry.

How useful did I find it?

Throughout my week I was involved in large projects within the company in which I was able to edit and film on multiple occasions. These experiences made me feel less like a part time work experience employee and more as if I was actually part of a team within the company and I would like to thank he team here for helping me feel this way.Not only have I gained some very useful experience in editing (something that I have always wanted to enhance my skills in) and experience in the workplace itself but I have really enjoyed my experience, met some new and interesting people who I really feel I have become friends with.

By Harry Belton