Video Training Courses for beginners – 5 Top Tips

When looking for a video training course suitable for beginners you will need to take into account the suitability of the video training course or courses that you are considering.

This blog gives you our top 5 tips for things to consider when choosing your video training course suitable for a beginner. We hope you find these tips helpful. If you need further information or advice we are happy to help.

Tip 1 – Level of Training

Video training courses are delivered at different levels depending on the experience of the learners. If you are a beginner you should ideally look for a video training course which is suitable for a beginner and starts with the very basics. For example our training courses start with the basics of shot composition, using a tripod or monopod, basic lighting and different types of microphone for different filming needs. If you have some experience or need a more advanced course it is important to make sure you are attending a course pitched at the right level for you.

Tip 2 – Group Size

Another important factor to consider when choosing your video training course is the size of the group. Ideally you should look to join a course which has fewer than 10 people. If the group is larger you will get less individual attention. Our video training course groups are limited to 6 people to ensure maximum contact time with each learner. Generally larger group video training courses will be more cost effective but you get less interaction with the trainer and the content will be much more generic in nature. Smaller groups generally mean you can have your specific areas of training need covered.

Tip 3 – Content

The content of the video training course you are intending to attend is very important. If you are looking to learn general filming and editing techniques a standard one or two day course would be most appropriate. If you have specific requirements, e.g. you would like to learn about filming using a green screen, then a specific course on the subject would be the most appropriate for your needs.

Tip 4 – Group Training Course or One to One Training?

If you do have more specific requirements and want to learn in more detail about a particular area of video making, you may want to consider a one to one training course. Many video training companies offer one to one courses. These are usually more expensive because you are one on one with the trainer. However the whole session is geared to you and your needs.

Tip 5 – Speak to the Trainer

If you have any questions before choosing a video training course we would highly recommend speaking to your trainer or training provider to make sure that the course you are considering will fulfill your needs. We are always happy to talk to people, answer any questions and offer informal advice. If we don’t believe our video training course or courses are suitable for your needs we will be very honest and tell you. We can discuss a one to one training course, in-house training course for your team or a bespoke course to fit your requirements.

Finally, when making your decision about which video training course to attend, do your research, look at reviews. You can see ours on Google here: Click here for our Video Training Course reviews

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My name is James and I am the Director of HNE Media Services Limited, a Video Production and Training company based in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire in the East of England. I have been involved in video production for over 13 years and have been delivering video training courses for marketing professionals and business owners since 2014. If you have any questions or would like to book onto our next training course please get in touch with my team, we would be pleased to help.



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