What is a chronological long-form wedding film?

Within wedding videography there are a number of different ‘formats’ of wedding film that couples can choose to have for their wedding film. In this blog we are looking at the chronological long-form wedding edit, what it is and why you might want to consider this format for your wedding film.

So what is a chronological long-form wedding film?

Put simply, a chronological long-form wedding film is the complete day from the point your videographer or videographers arrive until the point they leave. The film is edited in its original chronology, e.g. the film shows you your wedding day in the order it ran on the day. The great thing about this type of wedding film is that you get to see all aspects of the day in the order in which they occurred.

What are the benefits of this type of wedding film?

In a nutshell the chronological long-form wedding film gives you:

  • The whole day edited into shorter sequences, often set to music covering, preparations, arrivals, the afternoon reception and the early evening reception
  • Full length multi-camera edits of your ceremony, speeches and first dance
  • A longer wedding film than a cinematic short feature, which are typically 15 – 25 minutes in length
  • You get to see your ceremony, speeches and first dance in full rather than just selected highlights

This sounds great, but I also want a highlights film for my wedding

Most wedding videographers who create chronological long-form wedding films will also include a short 3-5 minute highlights film as part of their package. Here at Wedding Reel we offer a 3-5 minute highlights film with each of our packages

What are the alternative formats to the chronological long-form format?

There are alternatives to the chronological long-form format. Some people choose just to have a highlights film of 3-10 minutes in length. Some wedding videographers offer a cinematic short film which can vary in length from 10 minutes to 25 minutes in length with audio underlays from the ceremony, speeches and other key parts of the day. If you opt for a cinematic short film you will normally also receive the ceremony and speeches as multi-camera full length edits. All of the other elements of the day will be incorporated into the cinematic short film.

What does a chronological long-form wedding look like?

We have many examples on our blog. You can see some examples of chronological long-form wedding films below.

White Hart Great Yeldham

Laura Ashley Manor


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